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GM4100AC AirCoat - Manual Gun

GM4100AC AirCoat - Manual Gun


The AirCoat spray gun is available in two versions: 160 bar or 250 bar – depending on the material pressure required for various applications. The 160 bar spray gun requires less trigger pressure than the 250 bar version. The spray gun is suitable for both solvent and water-based paints.


The basic spray gun bodies can be equipped with air caps, nozzles etc.


Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight and compact rounded gun design 
  • Capable of handling high production speeds 
  • Durable stainless steel construction handles the toughest materials 
  • Wide range tip line for a variety of applications



  • Wood finishing 
  • Leather finishing 
  • Drum painting 
  • Metal furniture and fixture manufacturing 
  • General metal
  • Corrosion protection


Typical Fluid Handled

  • Primers, protective coatings, waterborne materials and two-part urethane
  • Wash coats, glazes, top coat lacquers and catalyzed varnishes 
  • Epoxies, urethanes, air dry enamels and clear coat enamels
  • High solid materials
  • UV paints

    Category Data
    Fluid Inlet A NPSM 1/4“
    Compressed Air Connection G 1/4“
    Max. Material Pressure 250 bar  (3,626 PSI)
    Max. Material Temperature 55 °C, (131 F)
    Max. Air Inlet Pressure 8,0 bar (116 PSI)
    Operating Temperature 5 – 40 °C (41.0 – 104.0 F)
    Weight 0,6 kg (1.3 lb)
    Max. Sound Level 82 dB(A)
    Lenght 173,0 mm, 6.8 in
    Height 206 mm (8.1 in)

    Packages :

    • Spray Gun
    • Tip Nozzle
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