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About Us

Cosmostar is a fluid handling equipment company based in Taiwan. Dominated Taiwan markets for 40 years, Cosmostar concentrates on expanding the international network to meet global demands. To be the leading fluid handling equipment supplier in the South East Asia market, and to build a company where customers can trust our service and solutions. 

Flexitech is a company based in Indonesia. Since 2012, Flexitech has provided quality and professional engineering services to clients by providing them with the industrial equipment and automation solution.

Cosmostar and Flexitech already work together for 8 years. Together we provide fluid handling equipment and service.

Our core competencies : 

1. Focuses on Products quality with competitive price 

2. Vertical integration to ensure goods are produced at a lower cost and superior


3. Quick response to customer needs in terms of product delivery and requirements

Together we will help you to achieve your goal.

Click here to find out more about Cosmostar products.

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