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Tension Controller

All Tension controllers are to detect the tension of material by the load cell detector fixing at both end position for the fine deviation control in order to make the tension difference “zero” between the result and object and control excitation current feeding back from the Powder Clutch and Powder Brake, Air brake, Motor Controller.


It is super precision controller cause fine deviation control mode. Roller detector has a low hysteresis and high response time as it is combination with high precision differential transformer. You can check out the tension state of the web at once operating. Automatic & exact tension control is available with one time dial setting from the rewinding work to un-winding without any extra setting. Controller being used “proportional integral circuit" so it is very stability and excellent precision. This equipment is to detect the tension of web as pick up detector which installed at both end roller. Also, it is to control the “excitation current” of the Powder Brake & Clutch as automatic in order to make tension difference "zero" between detected tension and set-up tension. It is high mechanical response time of the detection part and super precision tension control.

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