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Updated: May 22, 2020

When no current flows in the magnetic coil, powder is being attached to input drum side by centrifugal force as separate input drum and output drum, so the torque is not transmitted. If coil is exited by electric current, magnetic flux is generated, then torque is transmitted by the friction between powder and working side.


  1. Excitation current and transmitting torque are almost in proportion, also transmitting torque is controlled with wide ranges.

  2. Regardless of slipped rpm, torque is excellently transmitted.

  3. Torque by residual flux is very little and stopping stability is excellent.

  4. It can operate with slipping state, for large capacity cooling with heat.

  5. Take short repair time as it is dry-type, so can use it for long time without any adjustment.

  6. It is friction clutch of based on the powder

Operation Principle

  1. Disengaged : When no current is flowed in the excitation coil, clutch is open-state without any torque transmitted, at the moment powder is being attached by the centrifugal force on the outside of powder cap.

  2. Engaged : If current is being flowed into the excitation coil, powder become a solid lump by the strong magnetic flux and torque is transmitted. At this moment, if decreasing or increasing the excitation current, the transmitting torque is also decreased or increased.

Brake and Clutch Reference

1. In case of use on continuous slip state

When use the continous slip of rewinder tension controller or torque control, the

continous heat dissipation (P) of clutch or brake can figure next formula;

2. Coupling Device

Load torque (less then 50% of motor regular torque are less then load GD2 (less then 5

timer of clutch GD2), if connect frequency less then 10 times/1 hour, motor has selected

and regular output power of motor are designate the revolustion of clutch axes.

Reference to fig-4, its desired as consider of safe that select the torque of clutch axes

not a fig-1 and fig-1.5-3 time of it

P : Motor regular output power (KW)

N : Revolution of clutch axes (RPM)

Fig-4 Powder clutch motor capacity

Brake and Clutch Install

1. Clutch & Brake HSB, C-Y Mode

Install the input side and output side at block. In case of one axis, it is good that use the just one side of the both side. Large one has to be fixed both side. Connect of clutch

axis and load axe must use an elastic coupling and eccentric of axis and axis are

control below 0.15mm. In case of using belt drive type, arrange the axis do as fig-2

about large type like a over HKB-65. In case of using water cooling powder clutch, use

the timing belt, because output side does not connect to axis like fig-3.

2. HSB, C-A Type Brake and Clutch

Fig-5 & 6 are installation of HSC-A Type powder clutch. Does fix output side of clutch by key, and tied up by bolt at opposite side of the put in the axe side. If input side are used puller, installed the bearing under puller like a fig-5. Fixing of the coil install part use one

tap hole of two hole at block, as does not over power.

Fig-7 is HSB-A mode powder brake, fixing the flange and connect to load side by key

like HSC-A mode.


1. General Information

Powder clutch is designed so that high speed axis can be linked to input side (when

fixed one side and turn other side), if aluminium cooling plate of inside cover is rotation,

fixing axis are output axis and place of installed as bolt is input aixs. When input and

output to be used on reserve for the mechanism, RPM should be controlled lower than

1000. Brake & Clutch are normally installed horizontally not vertically. Keep the required

operating condition when use at the flowing condition.

A. Use at any slope or angle

B. Cart, carrie & Brake are revolved

C. Used at low tempereature as a special specifications

2. Avoid from "moisture"

If the powder is wet, operation condition is an un-stable. Specially carefull, water or oil

to be permeated inside. An occasion attached gearbox, complety does oil-sealing

cause oil thought the shaft.

3. Becareful "surface humidity"

For the continous operation, the maximum surface temperature should be maintained

lower than 30oC to protect a decrease of endurance.

4. Life time of Powder

Life time of powder is depends on operating condition, usualy you can operate 5000-

8000 hours in alloable slip rate. When to replace powder, do it doing dissassembling

brake & clutch.

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