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Motor Actuator (HS-A180LDS)

Motor Actuator (HS-A180LDS)

The motor actuator is a product that breaks away from the existing hydraulic cylinder method and converts the rotation of the motor into a linear motion using a ball screw, and is suitable for clean workplaces because it is easy to install and completely breaks away from noise and leakage problems compared to hydraulic types.



Input Voltage    DC ±24V
Motor    DC 24V 60W
Propulsion Power    Oilness Reduction Gear Ratio 1:7(150Kg). Other Option

Output & Weight    DC 0 ~ ±24V 5A / 7Kg



  • Quick response speed
  • Application of a planetary reducer applied to a decelerator servo motor.
  • Various Stroke controls.
  • Built-in centering sensor.
  • Apply two ball screw nuts to increase precision and torque.
  • Excellent precision with ball screw.
  • Low power consumption, high efficiency.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Cheap Price.
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