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Digital Motor EPC (HS-600L)

Digital Motor EPC (HS-600L)

SKU: HS-600L

EDGE LINE Controller aims to transfer and wind the fabric to a certain reference point by detecting the end or print of the fabric when winding or unwinding the fabric.



Input Voltage    Single AC 220V 50/60Hz
Output    DC ± 24V 3.5A
Temp    -10 ~ 50℃
Weight    3Kg
Sensor    HS-LS51, HS-BL33, HS-US50, HS-ES41, HS-120E, HS-BS11

Actuator    HS-A180LD / HS-A300LD



  • Breaking away from the existing analog method, ultra-precision control is possible with microcomputer control in all control parts.
  • The compatibility of the sensor is very good.
  • It is designed as an auto-setting method developed by itself, breaking away from the existing sensor setting method (Application for a patent)
  • The control panel can be upgraded after purchase by inserting a program.
  • It is easy to install and attach because it is designed in a proximity manner from the existing center measurement method using a potential meter. (option)
  • Digital LCD has been applied to the front so that it can be understood the current progress.
  • There is a wide variety of applications.
  • Digital control provides good precision and significantly lower sales costs compared to other products.
  • It has significantly improved additional functions compared to the existing control team.
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