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X102 Medium Air Spray Gun, Pressure

X102 Medium Air Spray Gun, Pressure

Newly balanced design with better ergonomics for better grip and less painter fatigue


COSMOSTAR X102 delivers superior material flow, atomization, and consistent pattern. Designed with expertise for fine finishing. Suitable for a waterborne paint.


Features and Benefits

  • Balanced design with ergonomics for better grip and less user hand fatigue
  • Precision machined stability for long-life operation
  • Superior atomization and uniform pattern
  • High transfer efficiency and fast working speed



  • Light Industry
  • Automotive
  • Woodwork
  • Metal
  • Furniture
  • Small to middle work area
Category Data

Type of feed

 Pressure, E2P
Nozzle orifice (Ø mm/in)    




Air pressure (Mpa/bar)    

0.24/2.5 - 0.29/3.0

Fluid output 

150 - 250
Air consumption (lpm/cfm)     220/7.8 - 270/9.5    
Pattern width (mm/in)     190/7.5 - 240/9.4
Weight(g/lbs)     325/0.71
X102 spray distance      200 mm
Paint viscosity      16 sec/Ford#4
Fluid connector      1/4 PF
Air connector      1/4 PF


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