Manual Spray Gun PEM-X1

Manual Spray Gun PEM-X1

SKU: 2322587

The PEM-X 1 combines balance, maximum service life and optimal handling. Perfectly balanced ergonomics ensure flexible and fatigue-free operation. WAGNER combines first-class design and functionality to achieve a perfect surface.


Special advantages

  • Very light gun (490g)
  • Despite its light weight, the gun is impressive due to its robust design and ergonomic working without tiring
  • Homogeneous and stable powder cloud. Even layer thickness distribution
  • Optimally balanced. Perfect grip in every situation due to a gun that is balanced down to the last gram
  • Quick-release coupling for the powder hose makes the paint change easier and quicker


Processable materials

  • Polyester powder coatings
  • Hybrid powder coatings
  • Metallic powder coatings
  • Acrylic powder coatings
  • UDS powder coatings
  • Effect powder coatings



    Technical Data  
    Max. input voltage 22 Vpp
    Output voltage 100,0 kV
    Polarity Negative
    Protection class IP 64
    Air inlet pressure 0,3 MPa, 3,0 bar, 44 PSI
    Max. powder output 450 g/min
    Operating temperature 5 – 45 °C, 41.0 – 113.0 °F
    Weight 0,5 kg, 1.1 lb

    • Circular sprayer or flat sprayer nozzle system
    • Connection cable 6m
    • Sprayer air hose
    • Wedge changing tool
    • Printed BAL