Airmatic Cup-Gun PEM-X1 CG

Airmatic Cup-Gun PEM-X1 CG

SKU: 2322588

The simple handling and perfect ergonomics of WAGNER cup guns make
them ideal for lab and development purposes or for powder coating
individual items and very small quantities.


Special advantages

  • Simple plug-in principle for the cup. Short and safe paint change times of approximately 15 seconds.
  • Funnel beaker with special geometry. The different slope angles ensure constant flow even with difficult powder types 
  • Integrated Venturi feeding principle. Very fine and constantly homogeneous dosage dispensing of the powder quantity
  • The coating parameters are set via the control module. All coating-relevant parameters are saved and accessed via the fully electronic control module


Processable materials

  • Polyester powder coatings
  • Hybrid powder coatings
  • Metallic powder coatings
  • Acrylic powder coatings
  • UDS powder coatings
  • Effect powder coatings

    Max. input voltage 22 Vpp
    Output voltage 100,0 kV
    Polarity Negative
    Protection class IP 64
    Air inlet pressure 0,3 MPa, 3,0 bar, 44 PSI
    Max. powder output 200 g/min
    Operating temperature 5 – 45 °C, 41.0 – 113.0 °F
    Weight 0,6 kg, 1.2 lb



    • Gun cable 4m
    • Wedge tool
    • Funnel beaker with cover